Friday, February 20, 2009

I Heart Running Tights

I love running in my running tights. Yes, I know that most of my posts have a picture to accompany the text. You are not getting a picture of me in my tights. I said, "I love running in my running tights." I did not say, "I want you to see what my butt looks like in my running tights."

Yesterday I had to go 13 miles for my marathon training. By the time a friend arrived to gut it out with me, it was 11:00. The sun was shining, but it was still only 5 degrees and it was pretty windy. I'm not very good at deviating from my schedule, so if it says 13 miles, by golly*, that is what I'm doing. Should I wait until the next day when it will be 20 degrees warmer? Heck*, no! Actually, I do have other things to do in my life than run (hard to believe) and my schedule was jam packed today. After the crappy* run on the treadmill last week, I was determined to go outside no matter what.

I know people make fun of runners in tights. You know what? I don't care. When I'm shuffling my sorry-self around the block for over 2 hours, I only care about a two things: (1) how much pain am I in, and (b) am I too hot or too cold. That's it. If you have to see a little jiggling or don't care for the curve of my bum*, then too bad for you.

My Under Armor Cold Weather tights always keep me just the right temperature. I've run in them from 35 degrees all the way down to zero. I never get too hot or too cold. As long as I keep moving, my lower half is always just right.

Tights also prevent any chaffing issues. I know, it's something that non-runners would be too embarrassed to talk about. Runners will tell you with no hesitation that a hot spot from a chaffing pair of shorts or a top is sheer torture. I have a scar on my leg from a pair of shorts that rubbed me raw. Runners of all shapes and sizes get hot spots, so stop blaming me for excess rubbing. I'm just your regular sized person who, because she is so slow, gets to spend extra time on her runs and therefore tends to generate a little extra friction.

If you are not a running tight fan, I say give them a try. You may feel a little self conscious at first, but let's face it: you can't see your own butt while you're running anyway. Everyone else can just avert their eyes if they don't like the view. Try going a few miles in those warm, toasty leggings and you may just find yourself a running tight convert.

*In everyday life, I have no problem cursing like a sailor. Seeing as how this is a public forum and that my kids may read this, I have used expletives that are G-rated.


jlou said...

I really do need to give the tights a try.

Who cares if people make fun of them? I don't think I've ever heard a runner make fun of tights. I'm generally of the opinion that non-active types can bite me when it comes to active related things that they want to ridicule me over.

Velma said...

Thanks for the suggestion!

Steve Stenzel said...

I LOVE running in the cold! I don't have a real good pair of tights though, so I might have to check those out!!

IronJenny said...

I'm just here to verify there was no jiggling in Beth's tights!!! ;-)
I like tights, too, as I don't actually have ITC. That would be "inner thigh clearance" for those of you not familiar. You are right about chafing - you only need to get one bad hot spot and you'll wear anything to assure it doesn't happen again.
BTW it's supposed to get to about 40 tomorrow... so keep you cell phone on!

Nat said...

Hey Beth, Are these it? I need some tights...