Sunday, May 31, 2009


Thanks for all of the great advice and encouragement everyone shared on my last post. I'm glad to know that this leg fatigue is normal and that others have gone through the same thing. The comments regarding the bike are very much appreciated because I was conflicted about whether I should cut down on my bike time or stick with it. It makes me feel so much better, except...

I feel awful. When I ran on Friday, I could tell I was getting a cold. I've run with colds before with no problem. Normally, I feel better while I'm running than not when I have a cold. I posted to my blog and didn't give it any more thought. As the day wore on though, I felt worse and worse. Terrible sore throat, chills, headache, no energy... this is more than a cold.

Yesterday, I was in bed all day with a fever. Today I'm up a little more because the body can only take so much laying down. I've felt better after childbirth than this. Blah.

Nature has imposed a work out hiatus on me. In the long run, it's probably a good thing. My biggest disappointment is that I didn't get to volunteer at the finish line today. My husband, Mike and our 14 year old son went. They directed half-marathon finishers into the finisher's area. Mike said he saw lots of local runners that we know and that everyone looked great. I wish I could have been there.

Hopefully I'll be feeling like myself again in a day or two so I can get a few more workouts in before my tri next weekend. I pick up my rental wetsuit on Wednesday and I'd really like to get in the water with it at least once before the race. Right now I don't think I have the strength to pull it on and off.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, healthy weekend. I can't wait to read all the race reports and hear about every one's day.


Chad said...

"I've felt better after childbirth than this."

Ha! That's a good one.

"Nature has imposed a work out hiatus on me."

Yeah, it has a way of doing that.

"In the long run, it's probably a good thing."


"...everyone looked great."

It's a marathon, I doubt it. :-)

I Run for Fun said...

That's awful...hope you feel better!

Guy said...

Missed you yesterday!! I really hope you're feeling better soon Beth!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Ugh, sorry you got sick and missed the race, but hope you feel better soon. take care.

Jean said...

Ugh, that is no fun being sick when the weather is so nice out. I hope you recover quickly, Beth. Take care!

Sunshine said...

Oh! We all looked for you and we were pretty sure we really didn't see you. So very sorry about your whatever-that-stuff-is.
Wishing you well and strong for running very soon.

That Minneapolis Marathon is a WINNER! What a great course, great volunteers, great spectators, great shirts, great medals. We loved the whole thing.

Velma said...

Feel better!!!!

Don said...

Yep I looked for you at the finish - sorry to hear why you weren't there.

Be well. Don