Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm a Triathlete!

I finished my first triathlon today, the sprint distance race at the Buffalo Triathlon. I am a triathlete! I'm still prouder to say that I am a runner, but the triathlete thing is pretty fun, too. Let's start with the results first:

.25 mile swim: 8:33
Transition 1: 7:09
13 mile bike: 49:27
Transition 2: 3:47
3 mile run: 26:46

Total time: 1:35:39

So much happens during a triathlon, I'll try to just hit the highlights. Buffalo is the second largest tri in the state and the first big one of the season, so we saw lots of people we knew. I met Natalie in person for the first time before the race. It was very cold and wet this morning, with temps in the mid 40's and light mist. It was freezing waiting for the swim waves to start. That was probably the worst thing about the race.

The water was 70 degrees, but compared to the air temp it seemed reasonable. I had a little panic attack when the swim first started, and it took me a few minutes to calm down and take some regular swim strokes. I finally got in a little groove and I came out without any one kicking me, so I'll call it a success. Here I am after:

As you can tell from my T1 time, I had a little trouble in Transition 1. I could not get the wetsuit off over my calves. I had practiced before the race and I knew this was going to be an issue. I am so glad that I had rented and didn't buy this suit because it was so frustrating. I lost at least 3 minutes and a lot of energy trying to pull it off. This is something I need to get figured out before my next race.

The bike was chilly and hilly, but thankfully uneventful. I noticed that older men with super cool bikes were passing me, and I was passing younger women with heavy bikes. Having a lightweight tri or road bike is such an advantage. Given the hills and the wind, I was happy with my speed of 15.75 m.p.h. I need to practice getting on and off my bike... that was a little embarrassing but I didn't wipe out or interfere with anyone else. Here's a bike picture:

The run went pretty well! My pace of 8:55 was better than I had hoped. This is when I was thankful that the weather was chilly. It was perfect for running and helped keep the fatigue at bay. My legs felt a lot better than they did on my brick run a couple weeks ago. Being sick this last week probably helped in that it forced me to give them a rest. It was mostly my cardiovascular system that was trying to keep up. It had been an exciting day and I was breathing heavily.

That's it! I finished happy, tired, and all in one piece. The race has given me some confidence for my Olympic distance race, and it has pointed out what areas need work. My husband, Mike, came along and was a huge support for me today. Not only did he take pictures all along the way, but he prepped and carried my bike, helped me set up my transition area, and took my coat from me right before the swim. I would have been a Popsicle if he hadn't been there. I don't know what I'm going to do at my next race when he will be busy getting himself ready to race.

I can't say enough good things about Buffalo as a race. It was very well organized. I always knew where I was supposed to be going, and there was plenty of support in the water. The swag was also first rate: a super-cool t-shirt, visor and water bottle, not to mention a great medal!


Velma said...

Great work! I think you had a super speedy time. Way to go.

Mark said...

Great job!! Really great report. You are an inspiration, almost makes me want to Tri-one. Glad it went well.

Mark H. said...

Awesome! You've done something that non-swimmers such as myself could never do. Great job!

Jean said...

Way to go, Beth! That is very cool. Congratulations on your first tri! Looking at your times, I would say you did awesome! I can't imagine running the three miles in that time after all that swimming and biking! I am impressed. Very well done!

amybee said...

CONGRATS Beth! Sorry I didn't see you at Buffalo, I would have cheered you on!

Looks like you and Natalie and I will all be doing Rochester and Square Lake this year.

I'm sure we'll run in to each other on and off the course.

Some of our friends will be doing some swims in Little Long Lake. I'll keep you posted if you want to join us for an open water swim practice.

Chad said...

Congrats Beth! Now when I give triathletes are hard time, you'll be included. :-)

Porkchopwi said...

Success! Great job. Glad you had fun and put up times you are proud of.
Props to Mike on some great phoblography.
Good to see you had a great day after a "trying" week!
(Hehe old guys on aero bikes... I guess if nothing else it gives us hope we'll be that good when rack up a few more years)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Congrats!!! You did it, now I'm inspired and want to try one too!! Glad you felt better and maybe got some rest you needed.

Helen said...

Congrats Beth!! Nice job on your first Tri. Bit of a chilly day out there but you pulled off a great race. And smiled the whole way through judging by the photos!

Londell said...

No surprise to me to read the report. You trained well and raced smart. Congrats... Thanks for the report!

Nitmos said...

Awesome and Congratulations! Maybe one day I'll be able to say teh same.

Looks like real strong times far as I know.

Dori said...

Way to go, Beth! Glad you had a good time. I helped out at the Lifetime Fitness triathlon one year and it did not look like something I'd ever want to do.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Excellent! Great pics too, congrats triathlete! I grew up in Rochester MN, went to JM High School. Does Rochester have a race now, I see the Olympic on your schedule.

SteveQ said...

Guess I'm going to be the last to send congrats. Now you'll have to live up to the reputation of a triathlete: listen to an iPod and shout conversations with your friends over the noise.