Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Steps

Thanks for joining me here at blogspot for my first day of blogging.

It is a week of fresh starts for me. This week I started my training calendar for the Fargo Marathon and I started Running My Own Race. Running is the type of activity that doesn't really have a start or an ending date; it just seems to go on and on. For me, it wasn't as if one day I wasn't a runner and the next day I was. Instead, it was a gradual change that occurred over a few years. As I looked at my new, fresh calendar, I thought it would be a good time to try something else that was new. Runner types like myself not only like to run, we like to talk about it... all... the... time. I know that listening to me talk about my training can be boring for non-runners or for people who aren't sleeping with me, but the compulsion to talk about it is not easily controlled. I sympathize with anyone who has had to listen to me talk about my training. Those who know me can catch up with me here in small doses and on your own terms. Those that may stumble upon it may like to read about someone else's journey. I hope you will share your journey with me by commenting or by telling me about yourself. Runners and other athletes have a lot in common and it's nice to read about others' hopes, problems, successes and failures and know that we are all on a similar path, just running our own race.

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Brenda G said...

Cool Beth! I think it's natural to want to talk about what you love. Blogging is a great outlet.:) Brenda