Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's 5K- FFFK Results

As I wrote a few days ago, I committed to running a 5K today in honor of Non-Runner Nancy whose freakish flexibility has forced her to give up running. Thanks again to USJogger for hosting the Freakish Flexible Five K in her honor.

Since USJogger said the rules were a little flexible, Mike and I decided to run a real 5K instead of staging our own virtual race. We ran the Valentine's 5K around Lake Harriet this morning along with several hundred other hearty souls. And, as an added bonus, we will be able to use our times in The 2009 Shave Your 5K Challenge over at Half-Fast. (Can you tell I just learned how to hyper-link?) In these tough times, you have to get value out of every race!
Here is the start and finish area at Lake Harriet. As you can see, it was a cloudy and cold morning. Temps were in the low teens and it was a little windy.

Here are Mike and I in the car before the race. We were able to park on the side of the road directly behind the start line. We stayed in the toasty car until a few minutes before the start. Then we just hopped out and lined up towards the front of the pack. We just ignored those nasty looks from those who weren't smart enough to park in such a great spot. Hey, if they had slipped us a few bucks (or given us a pitiful look) we would have let them sit in the car with us!

It was snowing a little, but all of the sidewalks were perfectly clear. After the first quarter mile or so the crowd broke up enough that I could run at my own pace. The sun came out and I was thankful for the cold temps since I was sprinting my little heart out! I despise being hot when I run, so once I got going I was glad for the breeze and the cold.

Here we are after the finish. Mike cruised in at 21:53, not a PR but pretty good given the crowd and that it is the first race of the season. I finished in 27:07. Even though it is almost 2 minutes slower than my PR, I was really happy. My plantar fasciitis flared up this week and my legs have been feeling heavy during my training runs. I was honestly thrilled that I was under 30 minutes.

We were able to meet up with Kris, a friend and fellow runner who was there with a couple friends all training for a marathon in May. Here are Kris and I:Yes, she looks very cute in her Valentine-ish pink Target top. Why didn't I think to wear something red or pink?

There was no official timing, but they did give us a very nice, long sleeved technical shirt and heart shaped cookie at the end. Gotta love a cookie after a race! Happy Valentine's Day and loving thoughts to Nancy!


Porkchopwi said...

Congrats on a race well run to both of you!

In addition to hyperlinking, are you now taking photos specifically for the blog? (I wonder if there's a term for that?)

Beth said...

Of course! It's called Phoblography (I just made that up)!

USJogger said...

Great race! Thanks for joining in the FFFK! We're counting you and Mike. Hell, we'll count everyone in the race. How many did you say there were?

Velma said...

Great race report and book review. I love the idea of a Valentines Day race. I hope the foot is feeling better. I have struggled with PF in the past as well.