Monday, March 9, 2009

Intervals at the Dome

Today is Monday, so it was back to the dome for some speed work. I will be so happy when all of this snow is gone and I can do my intervals on a regular track. I live just about a mile from our neighborhood school, so when the ground is clear I can run over to the school for a warm-up, use the track, and then cool down on the way home. It works out very well. Of course, when school is still in session, I tend to be a distraction to the elementary schoolers, many of whom already have a short attention span. Too bad for them! I gotta get my speed work in! If it keeps snowing, school may be out of session by the time the track is clear.

Speed work on the indoor track is not ideal. The track is small, with about 5 laps equalling a mile. As a result, there are a lot of turns and they are sharper than a normal track. I have to take it easy and slow down on the turns because they are hard on my little broken body. There are also a lot of "mature" citizens at the dome that I would prefer not to run down as that could cause me further injury. No, really, they are very nice and, if anything, I feel bad that they are worried that they are in my way... which they are... but I don't mind because, hey, at least they are moving their bodies which I admire... but I digress. The bottom line is I have to take it easy when stepping around them which slows me down. It's a little more difficult to hit my target split times than normal when I go there.

Now that I've laid the groundwork with a lot of excuses:

Last week, I sucked big time. The whole time I thought I was running fast. I felt fast (for me, anyway). I checked my Garmin occasionally during the intervals and thought I was hitting the right pace. When I got done with my workout, though, I checked the splits and I was way slow. I couldn't believe it! Bummer. (Do people still say "bummer" or am I showing my age a little?)

Today there were a lot of people at the dome because it is yucky outside. I was all set to have another crappy day. I don't know why, but today I was super fast! I easily beat all of my split time goals and felt great! Why is that? Why do we have good days and bad days? All I know is that I am very happy with my workout and the bad workout from last week is now forgotten. I love that about running... sometimes all it takes is one good run to renew your motivation and optimism.


Velma said...

I feel the same way. I guess we just have to be excited when we have a good day and not worry to much for the bad days.

I like the McMillian calculator. I think i have been running a bit fast on the long runs and not fast eneugh on the tempo runs - live and learn.

I hope the snow starts to melt!

Melanie said...

love those feel-good runs :) Great job on the speedwork! i think the bad days are there to keep us in check and prevent further injuries from our already 'broken bodies' as you mentioned.

Jean said...

You have to love those days when you aren't expecting much, and they turn out to be really good. Those days when the runs go unexpectedly well are very nice treats! Keep up the good work. The weather has to improve to make it more hospitable for outdoor training!

And yes, I think it is still more than acceptable for adults to throw the word "bummer" around! :)

Nat said...

I have lost my motivation with this recent cold weather! I need spring to come soon as Fargo doesn't wait for nice weather! :)

Nat said...

I have lost my motivation with this recent cold weather! I need spring to come soon as Fargo doesn't wait for nice weather! :)

The Virtual Runner said...

An indoor track. They don't have any of those around here (that I know of anyway).

I remember one from my time back in Canada though and it was dangerous. The track surrounded a gym floor and the gym had a huge floor to ceiling curtain all the way round.

Because the bends were so tight and with the curtain there you couldn't see what or who was around the corner.

Made things... interesting.