Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good: I got my 17 mile run finished.

The Bad: It was -12 degrees when I got up this morning. I kept waiting for it to warm up, but at 9:00 it was still -10. I gave up and headed downstairs to the treadmill.

The Ugly: I had to stop 4 times to stretch out my back, twice to change Lost DVDs, and once to go to the bathroom. By the end, I was running slower than a twelve minute mile. I have a huge blister on one of my toes. I'll spare you pictures. If you would like to see blister pictures, I'm sure Steve has some blister pics you can look at.

I'm just glad to be done! Please, Spring, I need you. The weatherman says it's going to be 50 degrees by early next week. I hope that forecast is more accurate than the one that said it was going to be in the teens this morning.


Melanie said...

You ran 17miles on a treadmill! Wow, that should count as double! Great job on the mileage, hope the blisters heal up quickly!

Porkchopwi said...

-10? Wow, it was hot by comparison here with a whopping +5 this AM.

I guess the only good thing is that COULD be your last run on the treadmill this winter. COULD be.

If you guys have cold weather gear and want to get some riding miles in, let me know. We'll be in Minny for a few days later this month. We'll just have to figure out how to fit everything into a limited number of days!

Sunshine said...

Well, the Human Race is outdoors?!!
Time for us all to get out there and run on a street.
Here's to the coming week....
(Congratulations on the valiant treadmill running.)

Jean said...

Have these last two days been gorgeous or what? I am hoping the worst is behind us and that spring can begin. Nice job on the 17 miles!

Tom said...

Nice treadmill work! Did you feel like a hamster when you were finished? I'm so burnt out of the treadmill that I'm trying to limit them to once a week until the marathon.